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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Love my Fruit Trees and Garden!!!!!!

you can't have land, and chickens with out fruit trees and a garden.

lets see we have a peach tree, apricot tree, apple tree, orange tree, pink grapefruit, and tangelos; and now we have a garden that's growing like crazy.

It's nice to be able to grow stuff and help cut of the expense of the store.

I've even learned how to make Jam. My mother-n-law taught me on the 4th. Mann it was hot in the kitchen, but fun and it is so yummy.   i made apricot jam and apricot and pineapple.  yummy.

so far only my cucumber and zucchini have been ready to pick and they are really good, big and fat.  We have a ton and they are so yummy.

These are my tomato plants. (Theres only 3 bushes but they look like alot more)

Here is our corn crop thats just about ready, 2 more weeks.

then we have some raspberries and black berries but those plants aren't doing so well.  hopefully they will start to take and grow, cause they are my favorite.

We also have bell peppers, Serrano peppers,  onions, cucumber, zucchini, hook neck squash, cantaloupe, watermelon and honeydew.

the really good thing is our soil seams to have super miracle grow in it.  our plants are growing huge and you can't even see that theres two feet in between each row.
Hook neck Squash

all the melons mixed together


baby watermelons

Chick adventures 3 - the coop

So we have18 chickens, and they are kool looking.  the kool thing is they are all different and don't look like the plain ones you always see.  We have a great variety and they should start laying in the next month.  yay!!!!!

Since the chicks have to grown into full chickens, we needed to have a chicken run for them to be able to have more space.

the Rubbermaid shed, had shelves and walks built in to make their coop and then the rest of the chicken coop with pvc, chicken wire and of course zip ties.
yep, poor mans coop.  but it works really well.

We've already had the test of rain and it held, we've had the squirrels trying to get in and i just recently learned squirrels dig tunnels in the ground.  who knew?  high winds and rain and my coop is still standing.  the best part is we can move it any where we want when we want.

Kaleb Catch Up

okay, well unlike Sara his summer has very eventful.

He was kicked in the head by one of the horses and rushed to the ER.   Lets just say as a mom when your spouse calls and tell you don't panic or worry; You Worry!   That's how my wonderful husband started the conversation with me since i was in El Cajon at Sara's practice.
Now normally most parents wouldn't freak out as much as i do when one of their kids gets hurt, but with Kaleb anytime it involves his head i freak.  Come on he's already had 2 severe concussions with skull fractures and several minor concussions; how could i not worry.

Mom will the blood come out

By the time i got to the hospital they had already taken him back for a CAT Scan, x-rays and had put fresh bandage over his head to try and stop the bleeding.   It was really hard for me to sit there and look at him cause anytime i did he'd start tearing up and i felt horrible cause they wouldn't give him anything for the pain until the test results were back.

it was a long not fun night.
after we finally got it some what numb with a topical, we took the gauze off and it looked lovely!  I will spare you all from what it looked like, believe me it's not something you really want to see.

By this time Matt could no longer be in the hospital, so he left me and Kaleb to get some food for himself.

Then the DR used the needle to numb the rest so they could clean it and see where we stood.   It only took three people to hold him down to get it numb but once it was the Doc was good to clean and ended up having to stitch it.  Again I'll save you from the actual image. This was great to see you could see the skin split the whole half horse shoe pattern and the meet that was messed up inside and you could see his skull.
Pain killers are good
 In the end he ended up with 6 interior stitches and 12 exterior stitches.  His CAT scan came back NEGATIVE and he had multiple fractures radiating off the wound all around his head and face. 

you can see how goofy he was after the drugs kicked in and the stitching was done.
Poor Baby feels horrible
By the time we were released he was put on watch by his Dr and the Neurologist he's seen before.  No sleep for a 8 days really sucked for me.   Poor Kaleb wasn't aloud to sleep for more then 10 then 15 then 30 minutes at a time and had to be awake for 20 then 15 minutes before going back to sleep.  You can see his face is all swollen and the pain is back.  Nothing more then ibuprofen for the kid.  So not as good as the hospital.

After a week Kaleb was aloud to sleep thru the night with out being woken up and i was able to get some sleep too.  Not to mention his stitches came out and the hoof print still was very visible.
Stitches are out
He's still not 100% aloud to do alot of things and the really sad part is there are now more sports and recreational things he should stay away from.  But being a boy what are you going to do?

At least now he is more or less back to normal.  Although he has learned the hard way that he still has to be careful and watch how active he is; cause he's still getting light headed, killer headaches and his nose starts to bleed real easy.

So thankful it wasn't worse then it was and thankful that he's okay now.  luv this kid but man he's gonna be the death of me.

Sara Catch Up

So not a whole lot has been going on with Sara.  She is well on her way in 9th grade.  Yes, i did say 9th grade.  she's officially a HS student at Charter and has already begun her work load for the year.   it's cool, since technically she could graduate the summer into her Jr year.  she does most her work at home and meets her teacher once a week.  Right now she's working on Honors English, will start Geometry in a couple weeks at the school and Biology at Palomar College. 

wow were does the time go?

She's still cheering for CheerForce and made Sr 4 this year which means harder tumbling and stunting.  She's working her but off for her tumbling but it just doesn't come easy to her.  Flying on the other hand is a no brain'er for her.